• Infiniti Safety Shield: how your Infiniti protects you and your family

    Infiniti Safety Shield: how your Infiniti protects you and your family

    With Infiniti’s Safety Shield, you are always protected when you are behind the wheel of your Infiniti.

    Using a mix of active and passive safety features, the Infiniti Safety Shield is a comprehensive approach to protecting you and your vehicle’s occupants by firstly helping to avoid accidents, and then offering a maximum level of protection should the collision be unavoidable.

    Before diving into the various technologies found in the Infiniti Safety Shield, let’s have a look at active safety and passive safety. Both are important, and both play a role in protecting a vehicle’s occupants. Active safety systems are designed to warn the driver of a potential danger using visual and audible signals. Should the driver fail to react, then the active safety systems will take steps to avoid the object.

    Passive safety systems, on the other hand, come into play when an accident occurs. These technologies are there to minimize the consequences of a collision.

    Infiniti Safety Shield: all-around comprehensive safety

    Think of the Infiniti Safety Shield as multiple layers that scan what is happening around your vehicle. Through its various technologies, the Safety Shield knows what is happening directly in front of you, as well as quite a ways ahead. Like a sonar around a submarine, it is scanning around your Infiniti to detect potential problems.

    Here are just a few of the features found in Infiniti’s Safety Shield suite of safety features:

    Lane Departure Prevention with Active Lane Control

    An industry first, the technology senses unintended lane drift and can automatically bring your vehicle back to the center of your lane. In other words, you will feel the steering wheel moving underneath your hands.

    Predictive Forward Collision Warning

    As it name applies, PFCW scans the vehicle ahead of you and will warn you if it suddenly brakes, thus giving you more time to stop as well. That said, Infiniti’s forward collision system is different from other similar systems because it not only detects what the vehicle directly in front of you is doing, but it also can detect if the vehicle in front of the preceding one suddenly stops. If you fail to react to the warning, Infiniti vehicles can apply the brakes for you and perhaps avoid the collision entirely, or at the very least greatly reduce the consequences of the impact.

    Back-up Collision Intervention

    This system is another industry first. Similar to a rear cross traffic alert system which warns the driver if a vehicle is approaching at a 90-degree angle when backing up, BCI takes it one step further by automatically applying the brakes if you fail to stop for the approaching vehicle.

    This is just a sample of all the features offered by Infiniti’s Safety Shield. There is also an advanced blind spot monitoring system that no only warns you of a vehicle in your blind spot, but will also automatically bring you back to your lane if you begin to move towards the other lane. Intelligent Cruise Control, advanced parking assistance systems, and a host of other technologies are also part of Infiniti’s comprehensive approach to safety. 

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